Why Lucky Jinx?

This is the post excerpt.


People call me Jinks, as an even shorter nickname to my nickname Jinkee. I was born on December 31, and I consider this to be lucky because the whole world celebrates with me. Unlucky, because I only get a gift one for Christmas and one for my birthday. So for other occasions which I can plan myself, I try not to schedule it on December. I love arts and crafts, kids, experimenting with cooking (take note: experimenting), and just executing ideas. I love small dogs too though we live with 3 giant ones. I have a son who makes me feel truly blessed.


Going Loco Over Moco Moco

Every time I visit a mall, I have 3 things I look for. First, is there ample parking? Second do they carry my favorite stores or something affordable like a bazaar area? and third unique line up of restaurants. The Robinsons Las Pinas Center met all of my requirements. Going there is easy especially coming from Southland.

One of the best surprises I found in my visit is the store Moco Moco. I absolutely love ice cream, but not coconut flavor in particular. I found myself being pleasantly surprised with Moco Moco, a specialty ice cream shop which serves coconut ice cream with toppings. The presentation is divine. Their ice cream is served in buco shells. It is not only environmentally friendly but a good conversation piece as well. I also like the inspirational messages which they put in little flags. I have been told that kids also like doing arts and crafts from these shells.

The ice cream was creamy and went well with the additional ingredients. Priced at p59, it is really value for money. For P100, you can have a buy one take one promo. Incidentally, they are going on their first anniversary. I’m very excited to share that we will be helping them celebrate. A great product that I’m sure many will go loco over.

L.A. Girl

I don’t usually put make up on. I’m usually good with lipstick and powder. I must admit on tired days I put on red lipstick and it brightens up my face and my day.


When I was in SM BF with my friend and sis Lara we came across L.A.Girl. The makeup associate was very nice and she taught me how to put eyeliner with a wing tip.


She also put in some highlights on my face. She used the palettes Glow and Nudes.

20170522_122304 I loved the different shades of lipsticks.



I mentioned the wing tip eyeliner, here it is.


I’m still looking at it in the car. What this experience taught me is to be more aware of the other make up products out there. Ultimately, make up is here to help girls feel better about themselves for themselves, no matter where they are. L.A. Girl certainly made my day.


Signs of A

I had the misfortune of getting into an accident not while playing sports, but while carrying my sister’s childhood box. (Yes it included her old trophies, love letters, stationary collection). You can imagine the weight of that box. I was carrying it with our helper when I found myself carrying it alone. The pain was unlike anything I have ever felt. But you know in cartoons wherein the characters suddenly had stars around their head? that is how I imagined what happened, even if the pain was in my right knee. Because I was stubborn, and because I guess I can tolerate pain, I didn’t get a check up immediately. I thought it would go away on its own, but I was wrong.

The doctor told me finally that I didn’t have anything major, though suggested I carry around a cane. It was definitely a taste of humble pie, but I do admit I liked getting special treatment in banks.

I think I am better now, but before I got to this state, I underwent therapy at the CoreXpert located at El Grande St. in BF Homes. I was impressed with the interiors of the center, as it maintained its comfortable look. It looked like I was just visiting a friend, who had a lot of gym equipment. I had to use the machines on my next visit, but the wait was worth it.


This machine was used to compress my legs by pumping air on this astronaut like suit. Mind you, this is not the real size of my legs! 🙂 At first it made me feel a bit panicky. I thought what if it breaks down and there would be too much pressure. But I was quite relieved when air was released and the succeeding times went along smoothly.  I was told that this compression technique helps with blood circulation. This went on for 10 minutes.

I was then made to exercise and stretch my legs. The therapist put a yellow rubber to help control my movements. 18741220_10211709635910402_1992481902_n

After stretching, I was made to use the 2nd machine. Which was very refreshing. They wrapped ny injured leg with the cloth and it had cold compress. It was a simple concept but it sure beat holding a pack of ice on my leg.  This was also for another 10 minutes.

The next part was this small metal thing that the therapist rubbed on the part of my leg which hurt the most. It looked like a weapon. But of course, it wasn’t sharp. I could hear a part of my leg “popping”. I guess this weapon like thing really did it’s job because after that, my level of pain really decreased.


After this, I went to the mat and did some stretching. I also did some knee bending. I don’t have pictures of these. 🙂 hehe maybe when I’m more fit.

Anyway, I can say that my first therapy experience was very productive. I admit that I was a skeptic, I didn’t think a session (or a few) would make a difference but it really did. I can give up my cane now (though maybe I will carry it a few more times in the bank).  I was impressed with the staff of CoreXpert, and since I don’t want to go back there for anything more than just maintenance, I would like to recommend them to anyone who might need help after an injury or even after a sports event.

Signs of A (Ageing) might as well be Signs of An Athlete. Now that the pain is almost gone, I have no more excuse but to exercise like an athlete.









Lucky Jinx

I’m a contradiction of sorts. I’ve always believed that I may have had a slow start in life, but I think that I will get there somehow. The best is yet to come. I’ve always believed in the goodness of people, and though it seems at times it is a bad thing, it isn’t so. Someday I know the world will be run by the dreamers and visionaries. Those who didn’t give up even when the odds are against them. They may be geeks or they may be former “bad” people. I’m not as particular.

Mother’s Day: How I Met My Son

Okay, so it’s mother’s day again, and my Facebook account is flooded with messages, and photos of celebrations. greetings and sweet nothings from children of all ages. Now before we go back to the norm, allow me to be tell you the story of how I met my son.

I will not give the gory details of how I ended up as a single parent. This is actually a happy story.  It had humble beginnings. I guess the only sad part about this story is that I started in the journey alone. I told my friends that I was pregnant and they were supportive. I told my parents I think a few days before my birthday…and I was rushed to the hospital immediately. The months of trying to handle everything alone ended the day they found out I was pregnant. It was scary, but everything happens at the perfect timing.

So after they found out about my pregnancy, I stopped from lugging around furniture (which I used to handle) and having sleepless nights.

Being Psychic

Call it pregnancy hormones, call it illusions of grandeur, but when I was pregnant, my friend Marah and I attended the simbang gabi every 430AM. We  have been completing it for the 4th year straight back then. In our village, breakfast was free. And every single time I requested that I liked a certain dish from lugaw to lomi, I always got my wish. Now I did not go to any casino but they say that being pregnant means being lucky. I guess I found my luck in little things.

Sophia the Rabbit

I had 2 nieces that were with us when I was pregnant. So I had some practice with them. I bought them a rabbit which I named Sophia. I always brought them to Sophia and they would immediately stop crying. Eventually, when TJ was 2 years old, Sophia bit TJ in the finger. But this is way ahead of my story, as I haven’t met him yet here. haha!

Painting My Room

One of my greatest fears when I was pregnant was not having a home in case they really did mad. I guess in my mind I was afraid of them getting so mad that they’d kick me out of the house. I painted my room to sort of mark it as still mine and if I can make it nicer I can stay. Of course these were just nonsense ramblings as they welcomed and helped me all the way.

On Avoiding Horror Movies

Okay, so I can’t stress this enough. Pregnant people are not supposed to get stressed. So while pregnant, I watched only handsome and beautiful faces. Romantic comedies as opposed to horror movies. I stared at Aga Muhlach, Mikee Cojuangco’s baby, I looked at hollywood magazines. Even in reading the newspaper, I liked Marco Lobregat.  If you look at my son now, you’d see the wisdom in this somewhat insane conclusion.

The Importance of Prayer

I was never as prayerful as I was when I was pregnant. I prayed the rosary all the time. I prayed it while driving and before sleeping and basically every where. It calmed me down. Most importantly, it gave me a hopeful outlook.

Dreaming of Sto. Nino

One of the events that I went to while pregnant was the Sto. Nino Festival in Bulacan. It was very nice to see all the angelic representations of baby Jesus. I had no doubt in my mind that my boy was going to be well-loved no matter what. I thought though he would have curly hair. He now has straight hair but other than that, he looks way better than what I imagined.




I guess it is not true that only moms who are pregnant with girls are glowing. I got a lot of compliments on my skin while I was pregnant. Maybe I was radiant because I was happy. I became braver as well. Prior to being pregnant, I was afraid of getting water in the dark. While pregnant, I knew I always had someone with me.


The day before I gave birth, I climbed up 9 flights of stairs. I constantly walked while I was pregnant. My stomach was small and I didn’t look pregnant at all. I had what you call bloody show after climbing the flight of stairs. Of all the days, I gave birth on the day that Metro Manila had a nationwide black out. I had to go walking in the mall. Holy week and Lenten sacrifice really had a different meaning. Before I gave birth, we went to my aunt’s house. While I was in pain, my aunts were playing their favorite game of pekwa. I guess hearing them laugh out loud made me realize I was going to be okay, no one was panicking or concerned although I had a thousand questions and was dying on the inside.

Oh and remember I mentioned that I constantly looked at handsome actors? That day while the doctor said I should walk some more, April Boy Regino had a concert in the mall. I even got some candies from him. I also had my favorite ice cream.


Before I was finally given the much needed epidural, I kept on waiting for the extreme pain to come. I thought my pregnancy was going to be like in the movies. I would be screaming while pushing. I was wrong because after they gave me the epidural, all I did was sigh and the doctors did the pushing for me. Because I was high, I thought one of the doctors was my mom and I was oddly comforted. I was happy when I saw my son finally before I completely passed out.

Waking Up

After waking up, I was extremely disappointed. I immediately touched my stomach to check if I was still pregnant, and it seemed I still was. Later on, they showed the baby to me again. But I was sorry to say, disoriented. The perfect baby I saw now was dark and had rashes. Haha. He had a lot of dermatological problems then. And I said, okay as a mom I will love my son no matter what.

The first 4 months

Meeting my son was the best thing that could have happened to me. My dad told me to be ready as the world might be cruel to single moms. They would have my back, but I have to be brave.  His real mom during the first 4 months was mama. She woke up when he cried in the middle of the night. She would tell me to go back to sleep. She loved newborn babies and I bet my son loved sleeping on her chest as she sang that classic “tut-tut”song.  I was afraid to touch him but little by little I began to build my confidence as he had more reactions to the things around him. I remember giving him a bath one time in the comfort room already and I was happy because it was not in the sink anymore or on the dining table.

Forever Changed

There were many what ifs in my mind. But all of those what ifs did not matter as I cannot imagine having a better job than being your mom. We have our share of arguments but I know that deep inside, you are a good kid and that you appreciate everything. I know I can’t stay as a kid forever. But as someone who grew up with you, you have changed me forever. I will always be that scared 22 year old, but I know that this time, I will have your hand to hold. Maybe not forever, but as long as I could is good enough for me.

Meeting my son is not the best thing ever. Raising him is.